Readalong Announcement

💖 Hello Lovely Bookworms 💖

I’ve an announcement for you

Since Summer is coming in June I saw that I must celebrate it with you guys so i’m going to do a month read along for the first time and I can’t wait to see who is going to join me 💕
The read along is all about reading Morgan Matson’s books. Why Morgan Matson’s books?! Because I never read her books before so summer will be a great opportunity to read some of her books with U plus all of her books have summer vibes in it and her books matches perfectly with Summerathon’s (from June 21 till June 27) challenges which I am going to join it 😍



The Read-along Informations:

I want to make this read along as easy as possible so as I told you it will be a month read along, so it will Start from ( June 1st till June 30th ) and we are going to read 3 of Morgan Matson’s books out of her 5 books .
So all of us are going read this two books as main books in the read along

  • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour.
  • Second Chance Summer.

And the third book it is up to you to choose from her other three books

  • The Unexpected Everything.
  • Since You’ve Been Gone.
  • Save the Date

And if you like to read the two main books only it’s okay you still can be participated and also if you like to read all of them it would be great but as I told you l’m trying to make it easy as possible for you guys because I know there’s a lot of new books coming out in June plus there’s a lot Readathons in June as well so it will be so frustrating to you!


Rules to enter

  • Post a blog post about the read along.
  • Tweet / Comment saying you’ll be joining me.
  • Use the hashtag #bookaholicsinsummer on Twitter / Instagram.
  • If you like to discuss the books with others who join the read along please Dm me on instagram to but you on the group.



  • If you don’t have all of Morgan Matson’s physical books you can find all of her on scribd and you can subscribe by use my link to get two months free:
  • I will do a book depository giveaway by the end of the read along and for those who have joined the read along will get much more entries than others.
  • I am doing an instagram photo challenge so as long you use the hashtags #bookaholicsinsummer and #bookaholicinjune19 I will shoutout my favorite pictures weekly in my instagram story.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask me what you want plus if you have any idea for the read along let me know it 😉



for book review requests contact me here :


Let’s be friends

Instagram / Twitter /Goodreads

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