The wicked king (review)


Author: Holly Black.

Name of the series: Folk of the Air #2.

Published date: 8 January 2019.

publisher: Little, Brown Books for young readers.

No.of pages:336.

My rating:



My Review:

” I have heard that for mortals, the feeling of falling in love is very like the feeling of fear. Your heart beats fast. Your sense are heightened. You grow light-headed, maybe even dizzy „

This book was a little bit smaller than the cruel prince but it was more pretty than the cruel prince which I gave 5/5 stars last year but comparing with The Wicked King I gave the wicked king 20/5 stars it was a soooooo fascinating.


And the reasons that I love the wicked king more than the first one is that the romance here was so freaking good I love this hate,love romance so much.


Also I learn more about carden’s personality here and about his childhood life. pulse the world bulding grow in a positive way and Holly Black’s writing was perfect here she describes things more So the story becomes more clear than the cruel princes.
And OMG I didn’t saw this ending to come it was a deadly ending I read the last chapter more than once to make sure if the ending was real I don’t know how I’ll wait another year for the last book it is an agony!!
So After all I assure you that if you didn’t like The Cruel Prince that much you will like The wicked King so give it a try it deserves it. Plus I highly recommend to listening to the audiobook the narrator did Jude character in a professional way also she did act the other characters’s voice very well.


• let me talk about Tayrn And Locke and how the are so foolish and betrayals at first tayran tried to kill Jude when she was going to Madoc house to celebrate the night before Tayrn’s wedding and he stole Jude’s present and give it to Tayrn as it was his gift to her.
And then at the end of the book came Tayrn and acted as she was Jude and made carden signed a boon according to Madoc command.
So i’m So sorry for what I’ going to say but I’m f**king heating both of them.

First I was asking my self the reason for the book name ! Because Carden was soooo sweet and lovely but then come the end and I feel like


” Never make a bargain with them,” he tells me, “ Not a wise one or a poor one, not a silly one or a stranger one, but especially not one that sounds pretty good.”

I can’t believe it until now that, Jude trusted Carden and married him to become the Queen of Elfhame to make her give him his freedom from his vow and her control but then he EXILE Jude to the mortal world because she killed his brother (Balekin) but Jude killed him because he tried to poison Carden, Stupid Carden . I’m going to lose my mind if I didn’t lose it already to know what Jude going to do in the next book to him it will be an epic revenge I think 👀


I will stop my spoiler here even I know ethere is a lot of things to discuss but the review will be too long unless it is too long already! 😄


My Favorite Quotes:


“ When his blood falls, things grow.”
“ pride is for knights, not for spies ”
“ She like it when she was angry, Too. Angry was better than scared ”
“ Something is really wrong with me, to want what I hate, to want someone who despise me, even if he wants me, too. My only comfort is that he doesn’t know what I feel.”
“ If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.”




Have you read The wicked king? If you what do you think about it?


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