Vicious (Non. Spoiler Review)

  • Goodreads synopsis

  • Author: V.E. Schwab.

  • Genre: Adult / Fantasy /Science Fiction

  • Published Date: September 24th 2013

  • No. Of pages: 384 pages

  • My Rating:

My Review :

” Plenty of humans were monstrous, and plenty of monsters knew how to play at being human.”

i have a mixed feelings about this book it was kinda slow read at the first 100 pages but then the book get a huge turn that made me get tottaly in the book so i don’t know if it is 4.5 stars read or 5 stars read to me !
and it hard for me to write a review without spoil anything . but i will do my best not to because trust me don’t have to read any description about this book it will be more enjoyable if you go through it without knowing anything about it.

I’m so happy to have a new favorite author this was my first for V.E Schwab and of course i will read the all of her book.

It was the most unique book i have ever read . the word building, the characters and the writing style was all new to me and different than any thing i have ever read and i really loooooooove this book.

genuinely first i didn’t think that i will love reading a book have villains / super natural vibs in it but i read because of all the hype about it but thanks god that i did read it has that moody sittings that lures your mind and make you feel you are really in the book living in it. you will find alot of action, zero Romance ( there is a romance but it was not that interesting in the book ,it wasperfect even it has no romance 😍and suspense like you are watching a well directed suspense movie so i recommend it for everyone even young adults can read it, actually i don’t why it is an adult book maybe because of alot of brutal bloody scenes! but we read fantasy which has alot of this stuff so go read it your are missing alot .!



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