My Lady Jane ( Review & fav. Quotes )

.Author: Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows

.Genre: YA Contemporary.

.publisher: Harper Teen.

.published Date: 7/6/2016.

No. of pages: 491.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.

Goodreads synopsis


” I must do this. I was queen for only nine days, and I don’t wish to be queen again but I do love England. I want to fight for it. For Ethians. For us. “

Adorable, Funny, Overwhelming, Fantasy, Adventure, Historical and Romantic read!! 😍

I had enjoy reading this book so so much it gives me all the hype, this book is the best of the best book i have ever read and it has such a great humor 😍

I had read the physical book while listening to the audiobook and OMG it is the best audiobook i have ever listen to,the audiobook is the main reason for my obsession of the book it totally got me in the book from the first chapter, the narrator voice was so incredibly amazing she do every character with a spical voice like its a full cast audiobook as well i can’t stop laughing while listening to the book it is so hilarious😍

The characters was so well done everyone of them has a unique personalty so it ends up for me to love all of them and the romance in the book was soo distinct 😍 i love how the author got the real story o lady jane queen and retaling it with a very different unique way !

I definitely going going to read the second book of Janies series ( My Plane Jane) i can’t wait to get it on my hands.

P.s. you don’t have to read My Lady Jane before My Plane Jane book it is not important you can read this at any order you like.

So i really recommend my Lady Jane book to everyone because it deserve all the hype but don’t read it without the audio book because that will not give you the same atmosphere the audiobook gives.

My top favorite quotes:

. ” He wanted to tell her she’d have more room if she’d just get rid of her books, but he supposed that in her case, it would be like telling a mother she’d have more room if she threw out her children.”

. ” She laughed again, although it came out as more of a sob. She was the queen. The ruler. The monarch. The sovereign. The leader. The head of state. The chief. The one wearing the proverbial pants. The person in charge. The boss. The Queen. Of. England.”

.” She wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t. She refused to cry about Gifford… But then she did. She was a sixteen-year-old girl, after all, and sometimes a sixteen-year-old girl need to throw herself into a pillow and let the tears come as they may.”

.” The despair in books was a distant, safe thing. She’d thought she understood the depth of the emotions as she read through the pages if here beloved books, her life touching those of men and women long dead. She’d felt for them, cried for them, tried to breathe for them when they no longer breathed. And then, she’d been able to close the book and place it on its shelf, the worlds trapped between the leather covers…. Oh, sometimes it had taken her hours or days to recover from a particularly emotional book, but there’d always been another to take her mind off the anguish….. There were no books here.”

.” Cowards die many times before their death, The valian never taste death but once. Screw your courage to the stickingplace, and we’ll not fail.”

Thank you for reading my review tell me what you think about the book in comments if you had read it 😉


2 thoughts on “My Lady Jane ( Review & fav. Quotes )

  1. I’m glad you liked this book! I hope I could get into this book this month and I really hope I like it! Great review love 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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