One Of Us Is Lying (Non.spoiler review)

Goodreads synopsis

●Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller.

●Author: Karen M. Mcmanus.

●published date: 30/5/2017.

●publisher: Delacorte Press.

● My rating: 🌟🌟.75/5

●My review:

“Cheating isn’t a mistake. it’s a choice,”

I know alot of people loved this book and i appreciate that but this book not my cup of coffee I start reading it with very high expectations but it didn’t give me what i expected from it!! i lost my interest after Ch.10 the only thing made me continue reading it was Bronwyn and Nate i love them together so much 😍 ! Actually The issue here in that book not with the writing style , because the writing style was so good and easy to fly through it , it was with the storyline, it was so slow in actions there is nothing happens that captured my interest unfortunately!. You will enjoy this book if you love 13 reasons why book because it has the same vibe! but actually i didn’t like 13 reasons why too maybe this type of book not for me! 🙈 but i will definitely read the next book by Karen M.Mcmanus because i like her writing style hopefully it will be much enjoyable for me than this one!.


Thank you for reading my review ! let me know in comments your favourite YA Thriller book .


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