I’ve Got Your Number ( Review)

● Author: Sophie Kinsella.

●Genre: Adult Romance fiction.

● Published date: 31/10/2011.

● Publisher: Random House books.

● My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟.5 / 5

My review

It’s been good. weird but good

weird but good would sum it up, yes 😊

Hilarious, Crazy and refreshing book! so here it is another favourite book this year 😍 i had enjoyed the craziness of this book so far it makes me so happy, the only reason i gave it 4.5/5 stars is that i need more romance in the book why you didn’t give me more! expected alot of fluffy romance more than that !! i loved the main character Poppy, she’s a DISASTER … i loved all the characters in the book they are so funny and crazy as Poppy!

Sam 😍 he becomes my new book boyfriend i need him in my life!

after all, Sophie Kinsella did a great job in this book. So if you looking for fluffy, out of the box summer read i extremely recommended this book for you 😉

Here it is one of my favourite messages between Sam and Poppy :

Anyone know you’re texting me?

Don’t think so. yet.

My new rule for life. Don’t go into spooky dark woods on your own.

you’re not on your own.

I’m glad it was your phone I picked up.

so am I.


you’re nowhere near.

yes I am. Coming.

Q: Have you read this book? if you have let me know your thoughts down below in comments 😉😍…



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