Queen of Shadows [TOG#4](Spoiler review)

●Name: Queen of Shadows.

●Author: Sarah J.Maas.

●Genre: YA Fantasy.

●published date: 1/9/2015.

●Publisher: Bloom

●My rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

●My review:⤵

Not flowers – never flowers in Terrasen -Instead they carried small stones to graves to mark their visits, to tell the dead that they still remembered……. Stone were eternal – Flowers were not.

This book is sooo incredible it is the best book in the series after Throne of glass to me !! The word here in that part went upside down and the characters totally changed and grow up i like that but at the same time it tore my heart apart because there was somethings didn’t go as i imagined ! you will know what i mean when you read it!

Spoiler Alert!

Celaena and Chaol what!! why!! they will not be together again 😢 they were so perfect together i don’t like Chaol with Nesryn at all! I know alot of people love Rowan and i appreciate that but i don’t like him that much with Celaena, actually he’s not my favourite character in the series! i love Dorian and Chaol much more! Manon, she is my new favourite character in the series i know i didn’t like here chapters in Heir of fire book but in that book she is so different her character development is so great i enjoyed here chapters so far! i know she will be in Celeana’s team one day i can feel it!

I love seeing all the characters together in this part it was so fabulous!

Dorian my baby, he was awesome in this part his character become much stronger still my most favourite character ever 😍 he kills his dad i didn’t expect that from him ever!

Thank you so much everyone for reading my review.

let me know who’s your favourite character in the series and your thoughts about Queen of Shadows book in comments 😉 …