Children Of Blood And Bone (Non.spoiler review & fav. Quotes)



• Author: Tomi Adeyemi.

Genre: YA Fantasy.

Published date: 6/3/2018.

•Publisher: Henry Holt Books.

•My rating: 5/5 stars.

Untitled•My review:

Magical, Powerful and overwhelming book !

” Afraid…. I am always Afraid….. It’s a truth I locked away years ago, a fact I fought hard to overcome. Because when it hit’s, I’m paralyzed…. I can’t breath…. I can’t talk “

I can’t explain how much i enjoy reading this book. It had been along time since i had read such a great fantasy book like that !. The writing style was so good and the characters are more than great. i didn’t expect to love the characters that much as i am now. Tomi Ademyi really made a great job to build the characters like that ! i loved the characters development throug the book they are totally changed at the end . Amari was my most favourite character in the book i really love her ♥ .


The book was a little bit predictable but it ends with a great cliffhanger i am dying to know what will happen in the next book !.



•MY fav. quotes :

” As long as we don’t have magic, they will never treat us with respect. They need to know we can hit them back. If they burn our homes, we burn theirs, too “

” It avoids rather than hurts, it hurts rather than maim, it maim rather than kills — the staff dose not destroy “

” I hate my magic. I despise the way it poisons me. But more than anything, I hate the way it makes me hate myself “

” Magic or not, we won’t give up, magic or not, we will take back what’s ours ! “

” Be patient… Let feeling become your eyes “

Thank you, everyone, for reading my review hope you tell me your thoughts about the book in the comments if you had read it.♥♥



3 thoughts on “Children Of Blood And Bone (Non.spoiler review & fav. Quotes)

  1. Lovely review! I’m so glad you enjoyed this so much and I love these quotes! I’m going to read this book soon and I can’t wait, I only heard good things about it so far 😀


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