Review: Heir of fire (Throne of glass #3)


Author: Sarah J.Maas

Genre: YA Fantasy

Published year: 2014

My rating : 4/5 stars


” She knew enough about death to understand that once a head was severed like that, it was over, knew that lady Marion, how had loved her husband and daughter so much, was gone. Knew that this – this was called sacrifice”

I don’t know how to review this book without spoil anything so forgive me if i spoil some parts of it ! 

This was my least favourite book in the series it was so slow and less enjoyable than other books until the last 25 chapters camexxc.gif

they are Epic really the last 25 chapters was so amazing and enjoyable they make me give the book 4/5 stars instead of 3/5 stars the end killed me wooow i can not describe how amazing it is. i hope that the next book will be more enjoyable than this .

Spoiler alert !

I didn’t like Manon chapters they got me so bored ! i didn’t care about her but i became like her a little bit at the end .

Dorian ..ooh Dorian he still my favourite character in the series, i love his character development in this part . And when the king killed Sorscha and but the coller of  Wyrdstone around Dorian’s neck … i feel like what nooo stooop he is a very very good person he don’t deserve that !!!  xxcxz.gif

Chaol i adore him, he sacrifice his position  for Celaena and Dorian and then what!!! he became a part of rebles group and give them information about the king, he is totally changed and that got me love him more.

Celaena she is really good person a she is the most powerfull girl i had ever see i love that when she had freed Rowan from his blood oath with Maeve , and she is so brilliant.

Aedtion: it choked me when i found out that he is a good guy ! i need to know that what kind of love he love Celaena is it romantic love or what!! i hope that i will know alot about him at Queen of shadows book.

Rowan : i like him but not too much like Dorian and chaol .

I can’t wait to see Dorian, Chaol, Aedion and Rowan all together  it will make me feel like……….


My favourite scene in the book is that when valg make Celaena remember her childhood memory with her family and when the king of Adarlan and his son (Dorian)  visit her and her family in there home it was really great flash back . It get me cry and smile at the same time when Celaena and Dorian provoke each other when they are children !

Thank you for reading my review i hope you like it, love you all bye….



2 thoughts on “Review: Heir of fire (Throne of glass #3)

  1. Chaol till the end of the world, even beyond that! ♥ But this was my least favorite book in this series so far too.
    And the childhood memory? Awwwwwwwwwww. I really hope they can work everything out and be friends till the end.

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