“I believe in a thing called love” Book talk & how to start watching K.drama


Genre: Ya romance.

Author: Maurene Goo

Published year: 2017.

My Rating: 3/5 stars.


I had read this book about 3 months ago !! it talking about a korean girl (Desi) how lives on USA with his father who was obsessed watching K.drama. Desi decided to make a K.drama steps to find her true love because she never had a boyfriend before ……..

My review :

This book was so easy and funny to read i had enjoyed some parts on it but i feel like there is something miss in the book honestly i expected more from this book because i love k.drama so much but good to read i recommended it to anyone even how didn’t watch k.drama before .

Here it’s some of my favourite quotes in the book:

•”I believed, and still believe, that you can build your dreams brick by brick. That you can accomplish anything with persistence.   Even falling in love.”

•”Oh my God, stop being excited. You know where excitement leads, Desi. Stop!”

•”It was funny, K dramas had been the white noise of my Life”

•”You know that feeling when it’s been a crappy overcast day and then suddenly the sun peeks out, right onto your face? That’s what Luca’s smile was like. Like it was beaming straight from outer space onto my face specifically.”

•”Violet was your classic K drama bitch, but if ever there was a sure thing in dramas, it was that the good girl always won in the end.”

Spoiler  alert ! here it is my favourite part in the book :

I swallowed.” To be honest, I’ve never dated anyone before.”

“I’m your first boyfriend?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied simply.

“What about Wes?”

Ohmygod. I kept a straight face. “Nah, that was nothing important.”

He paused.”So. . . I’m your first boyfriend?”


He kissed my forehead.” Nerd.”




Now let’s start talking about K.drama :»

I can’t descrip to you how much i love k.dramas i really can’t live without it, it is so beautiful and cute

If you want to start watching K.dramas i recommended to you this dramas i’m sure if you watched it you will be obsessed with it ↓↓

1) Playfull kiss (it is the first drama i had watched .)


2) The Heirs


3) City Hunter


4) Descendants of the sun (my fav. drama ever )


5) You how came from the stars ( i love it soo much )


6) Who are you school 2015


7) Healer


8) Strong woman do bongsoon

9) Pinocchio

download (2)

10) Let’s fight ghost

download (1)

My favourite Korean actors :


1. Park Shin Hye


2. Kim so Hyun 

 kim so hyun    

 3. Park Boyoung


4. Park Min Young

park miu youug


1. Lee min hoo


2. Park Hyung shik


3. Song Joong ki


4. Kim soo Hyun


Q: Do you watching K.drama ? if you watch it what is your favourite drama ?


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